TV series “Mar, a última fronteira” is on air

The biggest ever TV series on marine life in Portugal “Mar, a última frontiera” by Nuno Sá – Atlantic Ridge Productions – is on air. The LULA1000 submersible already appeared in the “Best-of” episode: https://www.rtp.pt/play/p6437/e440118/mar-a-ultima-fronteira

These are the dates on which the series will be on air in RTP1:

20th november 21h  RTP1 – opening episode “Best-of”

23rd november 10h RTP1 – Episode 1 (Algarve)

30th november 10h RTP1 – Episode 2 (Center and North)

7th december 10h RTP1 – Episode 3 (Azores) – Flores/Corvo – Faial/Pico

14th december 10h RTP1 – Episode 4 (Azores) – Terceira – Santa Maria

28th december 10h RTP1 – Episode 5 (Madeira) – Porto Santo – Selvagens

Link to promotional video: https://vimeo.com/375624401