How deep can the LULA1000 dive?

The LULA1000 was built and is classified for a depth of 1000 meters.

How many people can go down in the sub?

The LULA1000 can take 3 people inside, and all life support systems are designed for a crew of 3.

Isn´t it dangerous to dive so deep?

The LULA1000 was built and tested according to the safety rules and regulations for manned underwater vehicles of the classification society DNV-GL (German Lloyd), who carries out yearly inspections and tests. These rules are very strict and have been established to guarantee a safe operation.

How do you decide where you dive?

Prior to the dive, multibeam sonar surveys are carried out to create bathymetrical charts that allow us to detect potentially interesting spots. Then, transects are defined to carry out georeferenced video surveys with the LULA1000 submersible.

Why is the submarine called LULA1000?

LULA in Portuguese means squid, and we love squids, and the 1000 stands for 1000 meters of depth.

How long is a dive?

A normal dive takes about 5 hours, but much longer dives are possible.
If needed, we could stay more than a week under water.

Are the animals scared away by the submarine?

Most animals are not scared away, only some organisms avoid our light or sound emitted by the electrical motors which we use for manoeuvering.
Some animals, for example squids, even use the sub´s lights for hunting.

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