Filming of deep-sea fauna and habitats has contributed to several nature documentaries in the past years:

BBC TWO: “Atlantic – The Wildest Ocean on Earth”: Mountains of the Deep (UK, 2014)

SWR/ARD: “Azoren – Oasen im Atlantik (Germany, 2015)

ZDF “Die Azoren”:

NHK: Wildlife Azores (Japan, 2015)

iTV: “Life at the Extreme – Deep/Azores” UK, 2016)

ORF/ARTE/NDR/National Geographic: Tanz um den Vulkan (Austria, USA, Germany 2017)

BBC: Blue Planet II (UK, world 2017)

“Mar, a última fronteira” Nuno Sá, Atlantic Ridge Productions (RTP1 2019)

The sequence of a number of sixgill sharks feeding on the carcass of a dead sperm whale, filmed by the LULA1000 crew for Blue Planet II, became famous:

Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes. Link to video: sharks versus submarine